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Patient Access Solutions

Teaming up with Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC for your professional needs will ensure you receive accurate patient information when you need it by keeping contact with your Autism provider and Primary Care Physician’s to your commercial and government payers nationally.

When you partner up with Artemis Medical Solutions this will allow you to track important daily business operations while we focus on your daily business requirements. With our state of the art medical software, Artemis will safeguard your patient information when you need it by connecting providers to all of the prevalent network payers coast to coast.

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Provider & Business Credentialing

If you are looking for assistance in Credentialing, Artemis can help! We will acquire your CAQH identification number and login plus complete your application in less than a month.  Artemis will not leave any stones unturned when it comes to credentialing or re-credentialing for your physicians or practice.  We also help BCBA-D’s, BCBA’s, BCaBA’s, RBT’s and BT’s become credentialed with every commercial payer.

If you want to join an insurance network, call us today!

Anthem, UBH, Golden Rule, UMR, Tricare, IU Health, Medicaid, Humana, Advantage ProHealth, PHP, Aetna, Premera, North American Administrators, Professional Benefits Administration, New Avenues, Smart Health, plus many others not listed.


Claims Management

Do you find yourself on the phone for hours  pushing “0” for an operator? 

After being put on hold and 3 representatives later and you’re still getting nowhere.

With Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC working on your behalf, you will never again have to worry about corrected claims, appeals, or hassling with insurance carriers for hours on end! Artemis has relationships with insurance carriers to help assist with claims processing. A majority of the time we can have the payers depositing  funds into your account within 2 weeks!


Interim Management Solutions

Have you recently had someone retire from your practice? Or maybe you just opened up your practice and need guidance? Call Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC today, we can help streamline your ABA practice, with state of the art billing software, customized ABA billing materials, Management solutions, HIPPA compliance, general practice management solutions, and much more!


Customized Reports

How much revenue will we expect this month?   Did all of our consultants  and therapists bill for the appropriate codes that were authorized?  Have we maximized our billing for each client?  Have daily claims been submitted as they should?

Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC has 100’s of customized reports that will fit your business needs. We have transformed how Autism medical billing should be organized. Several major insurance payers have completed audits on our processes which, by the way, we have passed with flying colors! If you want easy. effective, fast and user friendly reporting don’t wait until you get a call from the insurance company to find out you needed our help!

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ABA Therapy Authorizations

T codes, H codes, 9 codes, WAIT! STOP! Let’s not go any further, I know what your thinking, we have no idea what or who wants us to bill what…

emis Medical Solutions, LLC does ! Call today! We are experts with coding for ABA therapy! Don’t wait for another authorization to come back incorrect or denied. You may even be losing out on procedure codes for your clients that you could possibly be getting reimbursed for.

It is free to call to Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC! See exactly what your missing out on. We will be happy to verify benefits for each of your clients and get approvals from their insurance carrier.  With the proper clinical documentation given to our authorization team, you will be astonished how quickly we can  process your clients authorizations! We have formed special relationships with insurance care advocates to ensure that your client(s) are handled with the utmost discretion.


ICD-10 / DSM-5


F84.0 took effect on 10/1/15 previously identified as 299.00


Please be informed that all Insurance carriers will be requiring updated DSM-5 diagnostic reports for 2015 and forward. Please contact your provider for more details.

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ABA Billing

Medical billing second most important aspect with any practice, first being the quality of care. When we look into medical billing for ABA therapy, for the treatment of autism, this can be an extremely complicated to file correctly. It was not until just recently, payers started to reimburse for autism services. This is basically a new field that will continue to incur drastic changes. If you’re not able to adapt quickly this can cause a huge disruption in revenue streams. It can be viewed as near impossible to run a successful center and stay up to date on the latest trends in ABA billing.

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Welcome to Artemis Medical Solutions

Experts in Medical Billing for Autism

Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC is a medical billing company that specializes in submitting claims for children diagnosed with Autism. In July 2001, Indiana House Enrollment Act 1122 went into effect as the Indiana Code 27-8-14.2, mandating insurance coverage for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As this mandate was pushed through, the ease of processing claims for ABA therapy was very challenging for many providers until Artemis Medical Solutions developed a blueprint for processing ABA therapy claims.

Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC has revolutionized the process of how you generate claims for ABA therapy. This method has been developed over several years with many trial and errors. Until now, there has not been a solid design on processing ABA therapy claims! Within the insurance industry there was not clarity on the medical claims process. Each state had specific rules and were all very different on how each of them had to file and process claims. Still to this day each state has their own autism mandate set in place which dictates how each must process their ABA claims.

Get help with your Autistic Child’s Medical Billing

With each state having different treatment laws, it has created a lot of confusion for insurance companies and medical facilities all over the United States and abroad. There has been a general disconnect between medical facilities and insurance carriers with how autism medical claims should be processed. This is where Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC has filled in the gaps by creating bridges of communication between the healthcare facilities and the insurance carriers.

We have the knowledge to simplify the billing for ABA therapy claims. We are able to reduce the stress on not just the families but on the medical facilities, which will allow more time for the physicians to focus on their client’s treatment.

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“ARTEMIS MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, LLC & HIPPA SECURE NOW are working together to mainstream ABA Therapy HIPPA Compliance”