ABA Billing

Choosing a medical biller that has leverage is key to your success. With Artemis we have leverage from filing multiple ABA claims with multiple carriers. This means we can see issues with any one payer. This allow us to find the solution to the issue, then when our clients have that issue we already have the solution in place. This can save a significant amount of time and money. If you are billing in house or your billing company does not have a lot of ABA centers, it may difficult to obtain leverage.


One of the biggest pieces of the ABA reimbursement process, is the authorization. The authorization is clinical and is performed by the BCBA, but have a guide for that process, can made the difference of that child getting their complete hours for treatment. If part of the coding is incorrect, this could lead to a long drawn out appeal process. With our leverage, we are able to guide a practice on what that insurance company is looking for in the authorization. So many times inABA, we see a denial of what is needed for a complete treatment plan, this sometimes occur from improper coding. Centers can experience significant problems but you don’t have to take that risk, having a billing company like Artemis has reduce the risk.

Filling claims

At Artemis, we customized a billing platform specifically for ABA billing. To our knowledge this had not been done. ABA billing is so different that other medical claims, it is difficult to adapt a billing platform that is not designed for ABA. With our platform, the customization came from real likeABA claims filing. Being located in Indiana, we have years for experience of billing for autism. We also have used and developed other claims platform forABA claims. Not until now did we have full control to take our knowledge and skills and design the platform with little to no restrictions. Since we know what is needed for an autism billing, our platform shows that. With our platform, you can see the claims process in real time. Why is this important? If there is a problem with claim, you are not waiting 3 months to address the issue. Another benefit, is knowing all your claims are being filled. Then in time, you can determine reimbursement times from Insurance companies. Our number one goal, is to get your claims reimbursed as quickly as possible. If your current provider, does not have the same goal contact us.

Insurance carrier’s knowledge

The next benefit that we have over ever other medical billing company, health insurance carrier knowledge. Why is this important? This knowledge leads to Artemis having a pro active approach with insurance claims, instead of a re active. We understand how autism is covered and viewed by the insurance carriers. We also understand the affordable care act, and how its impacting ABA. Carrier knowledge, can help owners and executive directors, make more informed decisions. As the affordable care act continues to fold out, there is going to be huge impacts to autism treatment. If you don’t have carrier knowledge, you could lose your practice. If you are reacting to an insurance company, it may be too late. Artemis can provide the carriers information you need to be proactive.

Artemis Medical Solutions, can make any ABA center become more successful. Whatever your goal is we will help you meet that goal. Contact us so we can have a conversation.