ABA Start Up’s

With all of the changes occurring in country with Autism treatment, we are seeing a big increase in potential start up centers. BCBA’s all over the country are starting to look at the process of getting reimbursed for treating autism.

We are seeing BCBA’s that are working for a center, that want to go out on their own. In this situation they are looking at providing ABA in home.

There are behavior health centers that want to include ABA along with current services.

Then there is the startup center that has experience in ABA and now has decided to make it their focus. Many of these organizations are nonprofits that have been providing services at no cost to their clients.

In these scenarios, deciding to use a third party billing like Artemis, Is the fastest and most effective way to create a revenue cycle. We give our startups direction and guidance on every step of the process.We have the experience to help you with every step of the process.

When you choose Artemis you are getting an organization that has real life experience not only in billing for autism but the authorization process. With this experience we have customized a billing platform specifically for autism. This gives our start up clients, a huge advantage!

With any start up, forming correct processes and procedures can determine if you will be successful. At Artemis we provide those processes, so you can concentrate on clinical.

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