Customized Reporting Tools

Do you have access customized reporting with your medical billing software?Our billing platform gives our client the ability to run a wide range of reports, specifically designed for autism treatment centers. This is just one features that set apart from other claims management firms.

We have developed an online tool that can track the amount of therapies that have been used from the authorization. This can help a small or large center track how many therapies may be left at the end of the authorization period. This feature will allow a director to see the amount of sessions a client has missed. It will also show if a therapist is billing the amount of services that has been authorized.

Tracking claims in real time

At any time, our clients can view claims status and where the claims is at in regards to reimbursement. This features helps ABA centers know that their claims are being filed in a timely manner. With Artemis Medical Solutions, you will know immediately if there is an issue with a claim.

Tracking Authorizations

Autism treatment centers are very different than other medical practices. Authorizations are the most important aspect of the claims process. Where other medical industries will track by diagnosis codes, we track by authorizations. To my knowledge know other billing platform does this. This give ABA centers real time knowledge on what clients have been authorized for treatment and the amount of hours they have.

Revenue Reporting

Having the ability to report revenue should be an easily accessible feature for ABA centers, surprisingly this is often a difficult report to produce. We have streamlined this reporting feature, so you have access to revenue received with a click of the mouse. We have even taken it a step further with creating a report so a center can project revenue. A projected revenue report can help a center create a budget. Using this tool and following a budget can help autism treatment centers stay open. Many centers offer excellent treatment services but have a difficult time running the business side of the practice. This is why we at Artemis, decided to create tools that can help centers be more effective on the business side of it.

Reports for Performance

We have started to see a new business model in the ABA world, this is where a therapists is compensated on performance. Our reporting tool can show the amount of therapies that individual or that location have provided at any one time. This quick report, will help an owner or director to determine if a therapist is performing.

Network write offs

Many ABA centers may have a hard time keeping track of the reimbursement rates for multiple insurance companies. Every center should know the network discounts they are taking with each insurance company.

Claims Denial Reporting

This report should be generated frequently to show if ABA claims are being denied. The faster you know about the denial the faster you can address the situation. Is there a problem with the way the claim is being filed, is the payer denying ABA claims, is there an issue with personal health information, whatever the reason for denial, the center needs to know about it immediately. Unfortunately, many autism centers can run claims for a very long time before they realize there is a problem. This can create a huge problem with revenue. There is no reason this should happen and we have made sure our clients and catch it.

Reports by Insurance companies

ABA centers should realize the importance of carrier specific information. Having the ability to run reports by Insurance Company can provide essential data for a center. Then to run reports on individual polices vs group policies can also give a wealth of information that can be used in decision making. If you can generate a report that show reimbursement rates between carriers, or run reports on how times each carrier reimburses, or if a carrier has more denial than another, and so on. This kind of information can help a center to make more informed decision.

Having a reporting feature integrated with your medical billing software is essential in a Autism treatment center. If a center is proactive with their reporting tools, this can help a center be more aware of market conditions and which direction the practice should be going. Artemis Medical Solutions was created because current medical billing providers could not provide these services for the autism treatment community.