Artemis Medical Solutions Founders

Both of the Artemis Medical Solutions, LLC founders are from the Medical Billing and Health Insurance Industry.

Our first co-founder, Danielle Dakin, has been in the medical billing industry since 1998. Working for large medical groups to small specialty practices. One of those specialty clinics being an autism treatment center.  She was able to adapt all of her skills and talents into this new industry.

After working for IU Health Methodist & IU Health Saxony in the ER for several years earlier on, her passion for helping families became stronger day by day. Growing up as a young child and even as an adult, Danielle has a best friend who has a daughter who has been diagnosed with Autism. Danielle knew immediately that working in the Autism industry could be very enlightening for not only herself but for her closest friend in her life.

She was instrumental in developing all of our in-house and out-of-house processes for autism billing.  Then taking a step further, she designed many of the autism billing platforms.  After successfully developing the blueprint for autism claims filing, she decided this knowledge could not be kept to just one provider. By delivering the blueprint for autism billing, she could help more children and adults impacted by autism as well as the families who were affected by this growing epidemic.

Anthony Nefouse, the other co-founder of Artemis has been in the health insurance industry in Indiana since 1999. The passing of the Indiana autism mandate led him to be the preferred health insurance broker to the autism community.  These polices were never sold for financial gain, it was about helping families get the coverage they so desperately needed, to treat autism. The impact that he has had on these families, was more rewarding than words could describe.

As more autism treatment centers became established,  there was an alarming trend. Not all centers were equal, when it came to getting ABA treatments covered.  He knew the polices were all the same and had coverage for autism, why were some clients getting more services, while others were not.  So he decided to do something about it.

The two founders worked together and both had the same drive in their specific industries.  One day they decided to take the biggest risk of their careers,  and launch Artemis Medical Solutions LLC.   They chose the name after the Greek Goddess Artemis, who was the Goddess of the Hunt and the protector of children.